Accent Coaching

What is Accent Modification?

Our accents reflect our language, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. Accent modification is the process of learning to speak with a different accent. We will teach you to speak in the American cultural style so you will become more understandable to native English speakers. You can learn more here.

I'm so busy! How will I have time to practice?
All of our clients are busy professionals. We understand how difficult it can be to find time to practice. That is why we have created an online learning platform, exclusively for our clients, where you can access practice materials from anywhere.
How long will it take to change my accent?
You should begin to notice changes in the way you speak in 1-2 sessions. Your rate of progress will depend on your level of commitment, the amount of outside practice you do, and your natural language-learning abilities.
Will my employer pay for my accent training?

Many companies will cover the cost of accent training because it improves team collaboration, reduces frustration, and helps develop leadership skills for valuable employees. Speak with your HR supervisor to find out if your company offers this valuable benefit.

Speech & Voice Coaching

I hate the sound of my voice. Can I really change it?
We have all had the experience of listening to ourselves on a recording and saying, “Is that really what I sound like?” We can help you love what you hear by teaching you techniques to speak with a clear, resonant tone, while still sounding like you!
Can you help me stop saying, "um?"
Like, you know, totally! We all use fillers sometimes, especially when we are nervous. We can teach you strategies to lose the distracting um’s, and uh’s so you can sound smooth and confident.
Will my employer pay for my speech and voice coaching?

Many companies will cover the cost of speech and voice coaching because it enhances team efficacy and leads to improved presentations and speaking skills. Speak with your HR supervisor to find out if your company offers this valuable benefit.

Corporate Training

How should I approach an employee who would benefit from communication coaching?

The best approach is to have a one-on-one meeting to discuss your employee’s work and the value they bring to your company. Keep the conversation positive.

Ask them how they feel about their current communication skills and whether they would be interested in developing those skills through accent training or speech and voice coaching.

Assure them that you value their role and contributions and that you want to invest in their growth. If your employee understands that your willingness to provide communication skills training reflects your belief in the value they bring to your team, they will be more encouraged to explore it.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes! We will tailor a presentation for your team on-site. We also offer group coaching for speech and voice as well as accent training.

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