Communication  Solution for Businesses

What are Poor Communication Skills Costing Your Company?

In an increasingly global economy, your business has recruited top talent from around the world. These professionals are highly-educated and highly-capable, but their verbal communication skills may be holding them back. Whether due to a strong foreign accent, or simply having limited experience giving presentations, poor communication skills are enough to derail client relationships and hinder careers.
At Advanced Accent Reduction, we expertly assess speakers’ communication competence and provide specific coaching to address a variety of communication problems including:
  • Foreign or Regional Accents That are Difficult to Understand
  • Use of Uptalk  or Vocal Fry
  • Overly Informal Speech
  • Over use of Filler Words (such as “uh, like, you know…”
  • Voices that Don’t Project
  • Poor Presentation Skills or Confidence
Our clients learn to communicate clearly, concisely, and confidently so that their true talents and credibility stand out. We work with clients individually or in group coaching sessions in the Denver metro area or nationwide.

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