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First impressions are important. From the way we look to the way we speak, others are quick to judge how intelligent, successful, and capable we are.

A strong accent can not only prevent you from being understood, but it can also undermine your credibility and cost you opportunities. It can keep others from seeing who you really are and recognizing your true potential.

At Advanced Accent & Voice, we can help your talent, personality, and brilliance shine through. Our accent reduction programs help you develop clear, confident communication and break down the barriers that are holding you back.

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Advanced Accent & Voice?

There are many programs that claim to reduce or eliminate accents. You may have even tried some of them but walked away feeling frustrated, discouraged, or even hopeless.

The great news is that you CAN learn to speak clearly so that anyone can understand!

Advanced Accent and Voice uses an effective, personalized approach to help you succeed. You will work one-on-one with a certified accent trainer, who will consider YOUR dialect and expertly design a coaching plan. We will teach you the secrets to sounding smooth and natural when you speak English.

Our Process


Work one-on-one with a certified trainer who will carefully assess how you speak and design a customized plan suited to your goals.


We will work together 1-2 times per week to help you sound more natural, confident, and be better understood. You will also be given extra practice opportunities between sessions.


We will give you specific tools to help you begin using your new speaking skills in your day-to-day life, right away.


Be amazed at the confidence and credibility that come with better communication!

About Us

Jamie Miller, M.S., CCC-SLP

Founder, Advanced Accent & Voice

Jamie Miller is an Executive Speech and Voice Coach. She specializes in helping emerging and executive-level leaders harness the power of speech and voice to attain their professional goals.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, Jamie has a passion for helping her clients communicate their ideas with clarity and confidence.

Jamie graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University before earning a Master of Sciences degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is also a certified accent trainer by the Institute of Language and Phonology. Jamie founded Advanced Accent & Voice with the vision of helping a diverse workforce succeed through creating a powerful communication presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accent Modification? Is it the same as Accent Reduction?

Since everyone has an accent, it’s not possible to actually reduce it. Our accents reflect our language, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. Accent modification is the process of learning to speak with a different accent. We will teach you to speak in the American cultural style so you will become more understandable to native English speakers. 

I’m so busy! How will I have time to practice?

All of our clients are busy professionals. We understand how difficult it can be to find time to practice. That is why we have created an online learning platform, exclusively for our clients, where you can access practice materials from anywhere. 

How long will it take to change my accent?

You should begin to notice changes in the way you speak in 1-2 sessions. Your rate of progress will depend on your level of commitment, the amount of outside practice you do, and your natural language-learning abilities.

Will my employer pay for my accent training?

Many companies will cover the cost of accent training because it improves team collaboration, reduces frustration, and helps develop leadership skills for valuable employees. Speak with your HR supervisor to find out if your company offers this valuable benefit. 

What is Uptalk?

Uptalk is a speech habit in which statements are spoken with an upward or rising intonation at the end. In American English, this intonation pattern is usually reserved for marking the end of a question. It has become a popular way of speaking, particularly among younger Americans. However, research shows that speakers who habitually speak this way are perceived as unsure, less confident, annoying, less intelligent, and less credible. Uptalk can be a distraction in your speech that keeps others less focused on what you are saying and more focused on how you’re saying it.

What is Vocal Fry?

Vocal fry is the lowest register of the voice, which produces a creaky, popping sound. It is also called glottal fry or creaky voice. It has become popularized, particularly among young Americans, in recent years, but studies show that is speakers who use it excessively are perceived as annoying, less intelligent, and less confident.

Do you Offer Skype sessions?

Video conference sessions may be available. Call us today for more information.

Do you Accept Insurance?

Accent modification and voice coaching are not covered by insurance, as we are not treating a disorder. Many clients have been able to be reimbursed by their employers, however.

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